The Argentine Chapter of the Pan American Committee of Judges for Social Rights and Franciscan Doctrine rejects the suspension of Judge Daniel Urrutia Labreaux

The Argentine Chapter shares the condemnation formulated by the Pan American Committee to the suspension of Judge Daniel Urrutia Laubreaux, ordered by the Court of Justice of Santiago, based in Santiago de Chile; as well as the exhortation that the Supreme Court of Justice of Chile quickly reverse that decision.

In the context of the pandemic and the serious dangers it poses to all of humanity - and, with special intensity, to vulnerable and excluded groups - it is essential that no reprisals be taken against judges who, in accordance with the law and the human rights treaties, adopt reasonable and urgent measures in favor of those most in need. It is especially worrying that a magistrate is suspended for having adopted measures aimed at protecting the life and health of detainees as a vulnerable group, thus ignoring democratic values. The action of Judge Urrutia Laubreaux has been adjusted to his institutional mission and, more broadly, shows a humanitarian attitude appropriate to the critical moment that the world is going through due to the pandemic.

Finally, we understand that, within the framework of the rule of law and particularly the independence of the Judiciary, it is unacceptable to suspend a judge for the content of their sentences.